Thursday, May 31, 2007

Dreading things

Sometimes it's just hard to hang on to the idea of making the best of each day be productive, be proud of what we do, feel a sense of accomplishment and not feel that another day has been wasted...right?
I thought we might enjoy some ways to get the day started right in our heads... after all that's where it all begins. :)

One way to get your day started right is not to dread it. Yes, sometimes I just go to bed at night thinking ... oh no, I can't believe that tomorrow I have to do so and so. :(

Dread is a close relative of the spirit of fear. When dread enters our minds, joy goes out. Dread set you up for misery because by chooing to dread you decide that you cannot enjoy what you must do today. So what that the task ahead of you is unpleasent, if you dread it, you have given that task additional unpleasent power.

Think of an unpleasent task as a challenge instead. You are powerful and can tackle this challenge with a smile on your face knowing that you will win. See yourself winning. Each minute you spend is a minute gone forever. Those things that you dread can't last forever unless YOU drag them out into tomorrow.

Enjoy your day!

  • Daily dress routine complete with vitamins
    Ate a healthy breakfast
    Walked around the block 1 time
    Prayer time
    Lunch with fruits and vegetables, water
    Paint daily and work on organization
    Healthy Snacks, water
    Dinner - Healthy fruits and vegetables, water
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