Sunday, June 24, 2007

Romans 12

Romans 12 is a powerful chapter helping us all find God's will for our lives. That's what tonights sermon was all about. As I sat there I thought about my family. I am very thankful for my life and especially for my family heritage knowing that the people who have gone before me gave me their witness. None of them were perfect but the things I remember the most about them are the good things and how very sure I was/am that they knew God and he had His hand on them. I'm also thankful for my son, his wife and two precious grand daughters.

I'm reminded that God wants the best for all of us and as long as we keep our focus on Him, we'll be okay. It's easy to get weary and think we just don't know God's will for our lives because we are, after all, human. Someone told me once what when I feel down, just to look up. That's stuck with me for some reason. If you are reading this and you are having a rotten day, I pray that the rest of your days are spent looking up and you'll have this little thought running around in your head too.

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