Sunday, August 26, 2007


Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by all the rules that we think we have to follow. There are rules that protect us and rules for organizations, government, and house rules that keep us organized and living well, and then there are spiritual or religious rules.

One thing I'm sure of, you can't feel good unless you follow the one rule that means everthing and that is to listen to what God tells you to do. It's impossible to follow all the rules that are made for us or that some require of us. Thank goodness that God doesn't define our righteousness by our works, but by our faith in Jesus. You see, He already knows that we would be conflicted and overwhelmed by all the rules that man makes. Today I'm keeping my ear and heart open to what God has to tell me. It's that still, quiet voice that brings me inner peace and I can be content to rest knowing God is in charge and I am listening to Him.

The sheep that are my own hear and are listening to My voice; and I know them, and they follow me. John 10:27

Sharing today a painting of my cat Cocoapuff. She claims me as her guardian and I claim her as my guardian as well.

"The guardian sleeps"
16x20 soft pastel on sanded paper


Just Joni said...

Isn't it wonderful how when we tune our ear to hear God we can be assured that we are being led by His will? ...and what peace of mind this brings to that inner self. I absolutely adore your painting of Cocoapuff and now you have truly inspired me to check out your lessons. I'll let you
know how I do...we should both get a good laugh out of this!

pfranklin said...

Thank you Joni. I agree that it's wonderful to have the assurance we are being led by God and the inner peace that follows.

Tonight I am praying for special concerns and am comforted in knowing that He hears my prayers and wants the best for me and everyone.

Hope you enjoy the painting lessons. Some of them are really funny. :)

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