Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Waiting for God

I haven't been a huge fan of Paula Deen of the Lady and Son's restaurant in Savannah, Georgia, but last night she was on Larry King and I was delighted that she shared her prayers to God about her life and how He guided her. That immediately gave me total respect for her and the things that she has endured in her life. When I first learned about Paula I only knew that she owned and cooked in her own resturant, had two sons, and was divorced from what had been a bad marriage. I admit I was turned off by her over the top Southern manner which I didn't think was Southern at all, but rather something rather like a exergerated cartoon of what someone in another country might think was Southern. To me a Southern Lady is refine, intelligent, coy, dripping sweet, yet strong and completely in control of all stuations having been touched with passed-down education on manners from sly crafty Southern ladies who came before her. Paula Deen was non of this things, or so I thought, until last night. Thank you Paula for sharing your testimony. You have my complete respect and admiration.

Reading this morning in a book by Watchman Nee, I revisited the thought that God takes no pleasure in what we ourselves do, but He is delighted with our waiting on Him. Nee said that As God's child advances spirtually he discovers that the Lord's time is as important as the Lord's will. Those that are unable to submit themselves to God's time are unable to obey God's will. I totally agree and also totally realize that I have a problem waiting for God to work His plan. I want to see God work now and solve all problems.

My prayer for today is that I can keep a quiet spirit, continue to seek God's will in my life and quit trying to manage things for Him.

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