Tuesday, January 8, 2008


I grew up an Army brat and traveled quite a bit with my family to many places some of which I’ve had the opportunity to revisit as an adult. My brother was born in Germany and me being four years older than him, I had the opportunity to learn the German language from the children I played with and in kindercare.When we returned to the States I spoke fluent German. The only problem was, once I arrived in the USA I had no one to talk with, so I lost the ability to speak anything other than theEnglish spoken in my home. When we were in Europe we took many weekend trips to fascinating places but I only remember them from the pictures that our family took and from small treasures collected by my mother and father backed up by talking about them over the years.

My grandchildren are now playing with the same wooden shoes I played with when I was a little girl. What a delight. I feel I am reliving some of those play times I had as I watch them play. I want to be sure to tell them the stories connected to them as they grow. It's about heritage and memories. I have some of the things that my family passed on to me so I know what a connection and comfort they can be. Holding those things in my hands or just walking passed them in my house give me a since of heritage, safety, joy, peace, and love that are so very personal. I want them to have that too.

Last Sunday we observed the Lord's Supper at First Baptist, Thomaston. Jesus said, “do this in remembrance of me”. Memories are so important as they are our connection, heritage, safety, comfort, peace, love, joy and so much more. I thank God today for memories and the special connections we can make and thank Him for special times of remembrance in our spiritual lives like the ones He has left in our hearts.


Nonnie said...

i know the feeling of watching grandchildren playing with something that was precious to me as a child. and memories......i am so very thankful for them..every day.

Annette said...

I visit your blog from time to time, I love the pictures and the feeling I get when reading your enteries, I am a friend of Joni's have been since the 3 grade, thats how I've came across your blog's. Thank you for sharing your gift and talent with me. Annette

Just Joni said...

Phyllis, thank you for sharing a little about yourself. I love your wooden shoes. While my daughter was growing up she loved to play dress-up and was always wearing everyone's shoes around the house and I think of the fun she would have had with those wooden shoes! I hope your grandchildren delight in your stories about them. Perhaps someday those wooden shoes will be a treasure for them!


pfranklin said...

Nonie, Annette, Joni.... thank you for leaving me a message. Your friendship has been a big blessing in my life for sure.

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