Friday, February 22, 2008


He said to them, "Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation. Mark 16:15 NIV

I've been daydreaming about going on vacation. It's getting time for spring to roll around and I can't wait. For years I have spent my spring days at Callaway Gardens painting the azaleas. This year I think I want to go someplace different, but still not too far away. I was thinking that Savannah might be good and then up and down the coast of Georgia and South Carolina. Of course I'd like to visit in Alabama and Mississippi too. A girl can dream. It would be easier if I had someone to travel with but I can't think of anyone at the moment that could leave on a whim like I tend to do.

Our church has started a new Global Focus program, which divides ministry areas into target areas that relate to the actual places the disciples might have traveled spreading the Word. The Jerusalem area is your hometown area. The Judea area might be like your state. The Samaria area might be like your country and the “Ends of the Earth” is everywhere else. Each person can choose the area they feel best suited to serve. My ministry area is Jerusalem but like the cartoon this morning, I’m wondering if maybe Hawaii might be a good choice for a Samaria ministry. LOL Bless Brent’s heart. He has signed up for a Samaria ministry to go to a town in Mississippi that is still suffering from the effects of Katrina and help construct new homes. This will be good for him for many reasons but one is that it will get him around men. He laughs when he says that he has too many women and not enough men in his life, but it’s true. Between me, Terri, Carley Ann, Anna Claire and Terri’s mother Libby and my mother, he doesn’t stand a chance. He spent most of the day on February 14 delivering valentines, hugging and kissing all his women.

I hope you have a fun Friday and you catch yourself smiling today. The other day I was stopped at a traffic light and noticed the young lady in the car next to me just rocking out to some song oblivious to everything and everyone around her. We need more free times like that to express our complete happiness even in the small things of life like the radio playing our favorite song. I think I’ll get up and dance. How about you?


Just Joni said...

Good morning Phyllis! I've been thinking about vacation time too. We have a Spring break coming up at the end of March and my son is traveling to Mexico on a mission's trip and my daughter and husband will be working so I am thinking how it might be fun to just take a solo road trip to our coast. I've always wanted to do that-even if it just turns out to be a day trip I think I'd like that. Once I start teaching and have summers off my travel plans are on a more adventurous scale...that's what I daydream about...*sigh*

Enjoy your dance today :)


Annette said...

I was singing once in the car to a Cher CD and like that girl you saw in the car at the stop light, I was just bolting out the word's and my son turned down the volume all at once and I got myself singing and he saud,"That's what you sound like" needless to say I turned it back and kept bolting. I'd like to go some where by myself just for a night but too chicken to do so, I'd go to the coast like Joni, thats my favorite place in the whole world, you go ahead and sing, and dance!!!!Love, Nettie

Nonnie said...

i would LoVe to leave on a whim at a moment's notice! i am more spontaneous than my husband.....and i would have no trouble going to the beach for a few days alone....or with whoever could pick up and go (i invited jamie, but we both have comittments!) but a wonderful daydream...but i am gonna make it happen soon.....good for the soul!
have a wonderful weekend, phyllis

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