Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right, preserving, and steadfast spirit within me. Psalm 51:10

Yesterday I did more mess making than I did cleaning up. Today I'll be busy trying to get cleaned up. It does appear to me that the older I get the less focused I become. I find myself starting a project and then going off on some tangent and getting stuck there never getting back to what my original job was. So, how can I stay focused so I can get things accomplished?

It's all about mindset. I can choose to set myself up for failure right this very minute or I can choose to make a plan and get on with it. That will be my prayer for today so I can greet each day with the right attitude, a thankful heart, and with the knowledge that God will be there to guide me as long as I listen.

P.S. As this is Tuesday I wanted to show you something that is dear to my heart. The image above is a house I pass frequently when I travel to Callaway Gardens to paint. For many years I watched this house and the garden outside flourish and always said I wanted to stop and talk with the lady that tended the garden. I did several times and she was a delight to talk with. I don't remember her name today but I am sure I have it in my journals of that time. I've taken pictures of her house and garden many times but last year I noticed the garden didn't look as kept as usual but still the flowers were showing their glory. There was a walker placed beside the steps going down from the porch and then at a later time I noticed that she only sat on the porch. Mother and I stopped one day and sat with her for a bit and that was the last time we saw her. She and her family have been in my heart for sometime now. I know that she probably has gone on to Glory but her garden still grows. I still look when I pass by. There are lessons in there for me for sure.


Just Joni said...

I love your "Treasure". Even as a young girl I use to stop, talk and sit with older people...their stories always fascinated me and what a blessing you must have been in her day to appreciate her garden...something she undoubtedly loved...it's always sad when things change, but it is inevitable and so we must treasure our memories and allow new things to catch our eye.

I tend to think of you as my treasure early in the morning~
I love pouring over your scripture, drinking my coffee and then realizing...oops, I'm late for school...like now :)

Have a lovely day Phyllis~

Annette said...

what a very lucky lady to have your company, it is very sad when thing's do change, but Im sure next to her castle she'll have a gergous garden, I love the elderly the storey's are so memorizing, and some arent always so joyous. I'm like Joni, I can't wait to get home to read your blog's. God bless.....Annette

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