Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Commit to the Lord whatever you do and your plans will succeed Proverbs 16:3
The Gleaners
François Millet (1857)
University of Southern California

Today my Sunday school class will begin a new project. We will send cards to those that we know are visiting our church. The idea is to send a personal note that perhaps will encourage them and let them know we want them to come no matter if it is as a visitor or if they are looking for a church home. I'm excited about being part of this because I know how much a personal welcome means.

The name of our SS class is "The Gleaners" and as such we have a lot to live up to. The story of Ruth, Oparh, and Naomi tells much about what it was like to be a gleaner in the time of Judges. Times have certainly changed, but the spirit of being a gleaner is still here. God still has plans for our lives and he is still there to help us accomplish what we need to be successful in this life for ourselves and for Him.

In order to be successful we need to wake up each day knowing where we are headed. We have to have a plan. In Proverbs 4:25 it says, "Keep your eyes fixed straight ahead. Don't look to the left and don't look to the right." We will need to keep our focus and not get distracted by spending our time on things or chatter that will not help us accomplish what our plan has stated we need to do.

This is the same thing we have to do in anything we want to accomplish in our lives. I'm in a painting slump right now and need to make a plan to pull myself out and get some things accomplished. Making plans and being able to stick to them cuts down on stress which we all know robs our health. How smart is God for telling us how to cut down on stress?

My prayer for today is to thank God that He has a plan and purpose for my life. I want to thank Him for the ability to search His word and listen for His voice to guide me in everything I do. I'll be praying today too that this new mission our SS class will be doing will start out with this small action and grow larger as the need reveals itself and as God leads.


Just Joni said...

I am ever so thankful for God's plan and purpose in my life, even though I don't always know what that is...just believing makes everything else fall into place. Have fun with your new church project. You are sure to leave a heart-warming note that will make a difference in someone's day, maybe even in their life. I'm off to school today...doing my part in what I think is God's plan for me...

Have a lovely day, Phyllis.


Nonnie said...

as joni said, believing makes us more willing to accept God's plan for us and for things to fall into place......yesterday and today, seems God's plan is for me to stay well so that i can take care of 3 of my grandbabies, as their mommies are sick.....strength and wellness for today! :)
enjoy your day, phyllis,

Annette said...

You know sometime's I guestion, or doubt God's plan, then I feel bad cause I know we are not to doubt or guestion him and when I am guestioned or doubted I feel so awful, then I have to ask for forgiveness, I'm sure he feel's the same way, and I know he dosent put any more on us then what we can handle. If your welcome notes are anything like your blog's, you will have revisits at your church!!

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