Monday, February 4, 2008

You're Approved!

Before you were ever formed in your mother's womb, I saw you and approved you (Jeremiah 1:5)

Yesterday after church Carley Ann and I went to McDonalds. Earlier Pastor Barber had made an announcement that extra workers were needed in the nursery, so I slipped out the side door and went to volunteer being as I had two in the nursery and Terri and Brent were already there. That's how Carley Ann and I ended up having lunch together. What a special time we had eating happy meals and playing in the play yard. Carley Ann made a new friend Katelyn and I made new friends too. It must have been grandmother day at McDonalds because I got to talk with lots of grandmothers while Carley Ann played with her new friend.

After lunch Terri called to say that Anna Claire wasn't feeling good, so Carley Ann got to stay the rest of the day. We played at home all afternoon and then we went to bed because we were sooooo tired. When I keep the children I'm always amazed at how much I love them. Even when they aren't so nice, I love them. I've never been the one that was all gooshie over babies, or the one that JUST HAD to hold the baby when one was around. But here I am... all gooshie over my grandchildren. Who would have thought it?

As I watched Carley Ann sleep I thought about how God had known all about us even before we were all born. What a BIG job to take care of all of us. I'm also glad that even when we make mistakes or no matter how many faults we might have, He still approves of us. Knowing He loves us makes it easier to stand strong when life gives heartaches or disappointments. He loves us unconditionally.

Thank you God for loving us all, every day, all day long, no matter what.

Carley Ann and Kaytlyn


Just Joni said...

Good morning Phyllis! Feeling God's unconditional love lets us know its ok to just be ourselves in a world of uncertainty -something I have tried very hard to model for my children, just as you are with your grandchildren. It is so reassuring to know "no matter what" we are loved.

Have an exceptionally good day ~


Just Joni said...
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Just Joni said...

My comment posted twice, so I deleted one! Sorry...

Nonnie said...

amen......i love this post, phyllis.....says so many things my heart has been feeding on.
have a wonderful day,

Annette said...

You know phyllis, I still do that to my very own children and they are teenager's, and I am reminded how I felt the first time I held them and gave them their first kiss, I know the spot to this day, it's the right temple.

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