Friday, March 14, 2008


Deuteronomy 31: 8
The LORD himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.

Moses was old and needed to turn the leadership of Israel to Joshua, so he did. It must have been a difficult task for Moses to realize he would need to do this as he listened to God tell him what to do. He must have been disappointed too that he would not get to go to into the promised land with all the other Israelites. I would have been. Goodness gracious last year I didn't get to attend a workshop I wanted to go to and I was crushed. However, my week ended up being a good week to be at home because there were important things that came up needing attention and if I had been at the workshop I would have had to come home anyway... and I would have lost my workshop fees.

Some might say it was just coincidence that I ended up not going to the workshop, but I sincerely believe God was in control and worked it out for my best benefit. This happens to me a lot. Just like running late and hopping in the car only to find out that I had a flat tire, which keep me off the road and later I heard about a bad accident I might have been involved in had I been on that road. When something bad happens to me I always stop and remind myself that God is in control. He wants the best for me and he wants the best for you. I'm glad I don't have God's job. :)

Today I'll be showing pictures from my trip to Giverny, France, but I'll wait until sick little Carley wakes from her nap. Well, actually she is not so sick that she can't make a mess in the blue room. Maybe I can get a few pictures up before she wakes. :)


Nonnie said...

wonderful how God works, isn't it.....just learning to give up trying to control our own lives, is the hard part sometimes....
i'll be back!

Just Joni said...

I too, am always very conscious of things that happen that might have affected me had I been there...or vice versa...can't wait to see your pictures of lucky dog!

:) be back later ~


Just Joni said...

I so LOVE these pictures Phyllis...they are cravings from my heart, I think I'm going to have to pay you a visit.

Annette said...

I looked at the picture's and thought"Hmm, those would so gergous in frame on my wall" I so belive that thing's happen for a reason, and God is diffentley in controll in every thing, we might not agree with it, but we do have to be good children and listen to our father. hug's Annette

Nonnie said...

so, when i looked up Giverny, said "Giverny Gardens, the legacy of Claude Monet" wonder you would love to go there, phyllis.....and what absolutely beautiful gardens they are......thank you for the stroll....aaahhhhh.

Nonnie said...

phyllis, i picked up a favorite magazine tonight, "romantic homes" and it has an article about Giverny Gardens in it! love it when that got to visit it twice in one day!
sleep well,

Just Joni said...

looks like I need to brush up on my Giverny, France...LOL...I thought these were pictures of your place in Georgia...I don't know what I was thinking. It will be a while before I visit France so you'll have to share the story about your visit...

I'm still laughing at my error...

by the way, love the picture of Carley Ann. She looks like a little angel.


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