Saturday, March 22, 2008

A Jesus Rock

He is not here, but is risen (Luke 24:6)

This morning and again this afternoon my eyes just filled with tears thinking about the words that came out of Carley Ann's mouth as we were reading one of her little books about bunnies. She said, "Look Memama, that looks like a Jesus rock." When I questioned her she couldn't exactly tell me what she meant, but she said, "You know, when He was in the cave and then He woke up." Now, mind you, she is just 3.3 years old but it blessed my heart to know that she is learning the the true meaning of Easter just like she did with the true meaning of Christmas. I am so thankful for the daycare she attends and her SS class teachers. They really do such a wonderful job with the children. Both of the girls truly amaze me.

So, we talked about Jesus and how He died and how we wear our best clothes to church in His honor and we have Easter baskets of colorul eggs that help us remember the new life Jesus made possible for all of us. Of course she got really excited about the Easter basket part, so after it warmed up a bit we went outside and hid eggs and took pictures with pretty dress on.

We had such a good time and tomorrow we will celebrate Easter. What a joyous time for all of us to hold dear to our hearts, old and young.

Carley Ann getting dressed up to hunt Easter eggs.

Anna Claire used a little blush.

Well, Crocks go with everything!


Just Joni said...

Phyllis, your girls melt my heart, they are so precious...I can't (but will)wait to have grandchildren! Do enjoy your time with them and take lots of pictures. Thanks for taking time out to share a few words, my mornings just haven't been the same :)

Happy Easter to you my friend ~
All in His love,

Nonnie said...

your girls are so very sweet!!!
the whole family (minus our daughter in n.m.) will be with us tomorrow afternoon...for joys, love, celebrations of a beautiful day, and lots of egg hunting....:) enjoy your wonderful day, and a blessed Easter to you.

Annette said...

Gosh I love your pictures and when I read your blog I got chills, childrens faith is so strong, thats one of the many things I love about children, and your grandchildren are absoultly gergous, and what pretty dresses, I can remeber Amanda wearing a pretty little sun dress with hat, and cloves, and John in a suite, some families forget the meaning to holidays and it makes me sad, I hope you enjoy your day cant wait to see the pictures! In his love always Annette

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