Sunday, March 2, 2008


John 8:32
And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

These are powerful words and I know they have something deep to tell me. On the surface I understand how knowing the truth, or as some say,” get to the bottom of things", would get rid of doubt, fear, anxiety or other negative human conditions I often find myself experiencing. Knowing the truth about something helps me understand it's orgin. If I have all the facts I can make better decisions.

The problem is, I think I don't always want to face the truth because it is painful or too hard to deal with. Sometimes it shows me that I am at fault or that I need to change either my thinking or my way of doing something. I've been on the edge of this for quite sometime now dealing with health issues. Why is it that even though I know the truth I continue to reject it or not do the right thing? I think it's about surrender. If and when I am able to surrender to the truth I know, I will be free.

I know I'm looking at this verse in the intellectual or philosophical sense. I think I've often quoted this passage without really thinking about its context too. I bet the Jews listened and understood Jesus intellectually too, or maybe even politically. Again Jesus uses objects or ideas we CAN understand to help us understand deeper things.

Jesus is the Truth. Listening and following what He tells us does set us free. Free not from sin but free to choose the truth over sin. This verse gives us the plan of salvation in a nutshell. :) That's my thinking this morning. I know these words will be in my heart and mind today as I dig deeper.

Callaway Gardens April 2007

Hope your day is a good day friends.


Annette said...

Good morning!! Why is the truth so hard to say no matter what it is, when people ask for it even, it's still hard to admit too, I try to be as truthful as I can all the time, I think I am afraid of hurting people, or I dont want them to de disaponted in me. Excellent post today. Have a great Sunday!!

Nonnie said...

beautiful picture, beautiful words....
have a wonderful day, phyllis!

Nonnie said...

p.s. love your new header! :)

Just Joni said...

I wrestle with this also Phyllis.
Is it that we do not want to face the truth, because we DO know what that truth is...or that we do not want to sacrifice what might make us less comfortable than what we are accustomed to? Surrendering to the truth requires discipline and being real and not losing our is very difficult, but I dance around this area knowing that I would rather be part of the song...I think we need to learn to not pull punches with ourselves.
I know I need to do certain things...but "knowing" isn't going to be enough...
thanks Phyllis, you've inspired my walk today :)


p.s. I love the blog face-lift!

pfranklin said...

Thanks so much for the kind words about the blog facelift. I've been playing around trying to get it, my personal blog and my painting blog to look enough alike so as not to shock the pants off someone who is surfing between them and my web. I don't know if that even matters. LOL

I'm still thinking about truth and why it is that I resist so. I agree with you Annette and Joni. It's a difficult topic for me. I think I might even lie to myself at times. I, like you Annette, do try to tell the truth all the time. My mind is not smart enough to cover up lies... that is, unless I'm just dealing with myself. I'm easy to fool.

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