Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Born again?

John 3: 3

In reply Jesus declared, "I tell you the truth, no one can see the kingdom of God unless he is born again."

Born again, what exactly does that mean? Of course Jesus wasn't telling Nicodemus that he had to be physically born again. He meant spiritually Nicodemus, and in turn we, must be spiritually born again before he or anyone could see the kingdom of God.

For the life of me I can't understand why some people are turned off by the phrase "born again Christian", but they are. Sometimes you can see an immediate change in a persons demeanor once you tell them you are a born again Christian. I think sometimes they feel it's a disease. However, if they truly want to get to know you and be your friend, they soon realize that being a born again Christian doesn't mean you are perfect, but rather you just believe in Jesus.

A few days ago I had this experience with a new acquaintance and a funny thing happened. Once I explained what a born again Christian was, he said, "oh yeah, so am I, I just thought I was only a Baptist". :) I laughed to myself thinking now on to telling him what a Baptist is.

Wellness tip: Don't eat bad stuff for a whole week. :)


Annette said...

so true....people do think and act different around born again christians when they are just like anybody else, I dont know if they are afraid they might offend us in someways or another, but your right we are just like anybody else we are not perfect, there is only one that is....I use to feel that way around my husbands sister and her husband until they told me they are like anybody else that them and myself love the same man, I am still somewhat conservative around them.
That sweet stuff looks so yummy, I love the bad stuff, but my body dosent.
Hug's & more hugs to you!

Nonnie said...

good afternoon, phyllis....a little late today! :) but here!
i grew up in a church that really didn't use any of these sayings or phrases in ministering or fellowship, except of course when reading from the i haven't ever been one to use them isn't that it turns me off, and it certainly isn't uncomfortable for me to hear someone else use just isn't something i would normally say.....product of my experiences and upbringing, as joni posted about today. i no longer attend this church, but feel comfortable with who i am because of it....

hope your day was wonderful.....and i would love some tea and one (or two) of those goodies!

Just Joni said...

I got a chuckle out of imagining this conversation...I don't really run into the term Born Again Christian very often...but I'm wondering if it has received a negative connotation because of television evangelism? I don't know...but I know what you mean, people tend to pass some sort of judgment over that when all it really means is that someone has made the decision to give their life to Christ...hmmm...I'll stir up a conversation about this today and let you know what I hear, just out of curiosity...
and those goodies do look indulgent, but I could cut one in half and not feel too guilty about it...a whole week without eating bad stuff would be a challenge...I think. I did go the entire month of April without eating one bite of beef and actually have had it only once since May began...really wasn't a terrible feat though, because I'm not a big beef eater thing is I really need to drink more water!
well, I'm a day behind so I'll check back this evening and get caught up...have a wonderful day sweet Phyllis!


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