Saturday, August 23, 2008

Being ready

Exodus 3:4

4And when the LORD saw that he turned aside to see, God called unto him out of the midst of the bush, and said, Moses, Moses. And he said, Here am I.

Sometimes I feel I'm walking around in a fog with my days slipping by me, getting nothing of importance done. I feel like such a small cog in the larger wheel of God's plan. I see and read about others doing great things on the mission field and other activities and feel envious. Still, I know that God doesn't see my small efforts as being small. Everything is of the same importance to Him. When we do as God asks and are in His will for our lives, His plan works for us and for others. It's like we have talked about before, we don't know how God works, we just need to know He does. We don't always know what God's plan is for our lives either, we just need to be ready when He calls no matter how small or how larger that call might be.

Yesterday I made a table centerpiece for our Heritage Crisis Center table dinner. Women in our church have agreed to fill a table of 8 and create a centerpiece made of things to give to the center. It was fun to do something different to help in an area I had not been involved with before. If you ever have need of a table decoration like this, please take this idea. It wasn't hard to do. Just take any box and fill it making it look like a toddler bed with jars of baby food for legs. The little stuffed animals are Precious Moments animals that say the bedtime prayer. :) Too sweet. Carley Ann said I needed to get me a baby. I think not. LOL


Nonnie said...

lol, phyllis...oh what these sweet grandbabies say! and that table centerpiece is just wonderful! very clever idea.

sometimes i feel the same way, phyllis....see others so helpful in so many ways, doing wonderful, great things.....but as you said...we just have to realize God is working in our lives in His own way.....and sometimes i have to realize that He may be using me to help just within my own family right now, as so much of my time is in helping the girls with my grandbabies and in other ways within our family....small things to some, but that may be my place for now.
and you, dear friend, have such a knowledge of the Bible and are so helpful to so many with that, i am sure!
love for your day,

Just Joni said...

this little center piece is so cute...and multifunctional as it looks like there are lots of goodies included!

some days I busy myself with things that God has filled my heart with and other days I feel very insignificant in the greater scheme of things...but I think we are designed to seek inner contentment and sometimes that requires days of just thought without action....big or small, God's plans are as unique as we are and every element should be treasured...some times we help others and don't even know's not the scale that matters, it's the intentions of the come to my aid when you share scripture the way you do...there is always something that rests in my heart and resurfaces later in the day...sometimes provoking me to get my bible out and extend on that particular reading...and for that I thank are such a sweet friend and I really do value your presence here ~

Annette said...

that would be a great center piece for a table for a baby shower, too clevor, I'll have to remember this idea.....speaking of small efforts...those small efforts that we do every day make a huge impression on someone, like today all I did was got someone at work a diet pepsi, with the nurse o.k. of course and he was so happy, and something that small that took only 15 minutes to do made their day, and you know what it made me happy that I made someone happy....and I hope I make God happy too....
Love ya

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