Saturday, August 9, 2008

Good gifts

Luke 11:13

13If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children: how much more shall your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them that ask him?

Carley Ann got to spend yesterday with me because she had a bad cough but I think it was because Anna Claire had spent three days with me this week and she was feeling a bit left out.

We went on a mission to find sewing cards. You know, the kind that little girls and boys love to play with sewing the yarn around and around the pictures printed out on heavy cardboard. Search as we might we didn’t find any but we decided that we could make some another day.

We did find eighty something Mrs. H walking up and down in the Walmart parking lot trying to find her car. I remember her well as my counselor in high school and then later as a member of our arts council. She is a precious lady with many talents. It was extremely hot outside and I had seen her walk up and down two very long lanes with no luck finding her car. As soon as Carley and I were buckled in, we drove to Mrs. H. and asked her to get in the car. She gratefully opened the passenger side door and got in. We drove up three other lanes before she found her car.

Loosing your car in a large parking lot is scary in the best conditions but given Mrs. H’s age and the heat outside, it was a downright crisis that needed extra help to solve. We are like that too and like Mrs. H. sometimes just don’t realize what danger we are in. God knows, however, and is faithful to protect us and give us what we need each day even when we are not aware of his blessings. God weaves people and circumstances in and out of our lives, working our lives for our best all the time. I’m thankful for that, thankful I’m His child and thankful Mrs. H. is okay this morning.


Annette said...

that Carley Ann is most diffedently a "Good Gift" and so are you to me. I'm feel so sorry for the elderly when they get loss like Mrs.H, it's a sad thing to lose something so simple like where we parked, but I bet she's never lost her sight and love for the Lord, does she remember you?
Have a wonderful day
hug's always Annette

Joni said...

you are a blessing Mrs. H., to your beautiful granddaughters and to us too. Thank you for sharing bits and pieces of your always make me smile.

sending you love ~

pfranklin said...

I don't know if Mrs. H attends any church. We never talked about it. I haven't seen her in a very long time and though I remember her very well, I don't think she remembers me at all. She was confused and disoriented out in the parking lot and when she saw her car I was relieved because as an after thought I wondered what I would do if she never recognized her car. I don't think she has any family here and calling 911 wouldn't be something I would want to do.

Joni, you make me smile too. :)

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