Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Cleaning up

Strive first for the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well
. Matthew 6:33

I'm a list maker. Only list makers can understand why we do it... and it isn't the same for all of us or all the different lists we make. It hurts my head when I think about how many different types of lists there are and the methods to get them done.

In the simplest form there are two types of list makers, those who work their list and get it done and those who make lists and don't get them done.

Under the heading of those that get the list done there has to be different types who work the list in different ways with the end result of success. Under the head of those that don't get the list done are some that I think are still successful, but just not quite perfect or completely done. I fall into that category. I'm not completely done and neither is my list... almost any list I make.

Yesterday I decided that maybe what I needed was a better plan. I decided that I would concentrate on just one room and get it cleaned top to bottom. Well, guess what, it didn't get done. It seems I fall into the other category of list makers that get sidetracked. Reorganizing the bookcase and cleaning tons of dust from books I didn't even remember I had, I found myself enjoying the afternoon with old friends inside the books. After that it was on to the photo albums and they are still scattered on the couch where I left them when my eyes were just too tired to look more and it was off to bed for me. This morning my mind is still on the books and photo albums.

This morning’s scripture pulls me back and reminds me to put my visit with God at the top of all my lists thanking Him for all things.

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Annette said...

I'm the second kind of list maker, I will do part of it then I get side tracked too, but I get side tracked on this computer =) But I do start cleaning the room I dont like to do first and work to the front of the house. I agree with you 100% I need to put God at the very top of my list more often. Good thinking for me to think about....
Hugs always

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