Thursday, January 31, 2008

The bottle shop

Proverbs 17:22 says “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine.”

One afternoon my mother and I were returning from a shopping trip near Atlanta. As usual my Mother chattered away as I drove and listened. Suddenly she said, "oh look, there's a bottle shop.... I need to bring my glass bottles up here and sell them". I looked and sure enough there was a bottle shop, which I knew was the name of a liquor store. I almost had a wreck because I was laughing so hard at the idea she thought the shop was a shop that sold bottles like an antique shop.

How was it that my Mother didn't know what a bottle shop was? Was the term "bottle shop" not a southern term? I always thought it was. As I tried to regain my composure, I told my Mother what a bottle shop was and all she said was, "oh, I didn't know." I know this story probably isn't so funny to others, but to me it was the laugh of the century and every time I go by that bottle shop I just smile.

As I think about that experience this morning I am thinking about other funny things that my mother does... and also wondering if my son thinks I do funny things. I bet he does. Sometimes I even get to laugh at myself. Laughing is good.


Nonnie said...

a smile on my five daughters love to tell funny stories about me.....and their laughter is the deep, from the soul laughter......not at me but with me.....and it makes me laugh as hard.......laughter is so good!
thanks phllis....

Just Joni said...

this is a funny story...I know my kids sure laugh at me a lot and it's to be expected...but that's ok, as long as they laugh.

last night I learned that our church's high school pastor is moving back to Georgia, somewhere near Atlanta to be a youth pastor there...he has made quite an impact on my children over the we will miss Anson McMahon...and Phyliis you are getting a wonderful human being somewhere in your area. I want to say he is moving to Twelve Stones Church, but that name may not be correct.

Annette said...

my mom say's and does the funniest thing's, her and I both laugh to point we cry, I sit and think about co worker who is so funny and I lay in bed sometime's thinking what she's said or done and start laughing out loud and the kid's will ask,"Are you o.k?" when I tell what I'm laughing at they just shake their head's, I LOVE to laugh!!

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