Thursday, January 10, 2008


I'm reading Charles Swindoll's book "Hope again" given to me by my friend Leslie and in this chapter I'm getting reacquainted with Peter. Peter, when pressured, denied he was a disciple of Christ. It all happened just like Jesus said it would...before the rooster would crow three times just before Jesus would be crucified.

I remember being told about Peter even as a little girl, however I think until yesterday, I didn't quite understand why all that would even have happened. All these years I've not really liked Peter at all. I think perhaps my mind disconnected with the Peter who denied Jesus and the Peter who wrote epistles. Surly I knew they were the same. I guess I just never thought about it or maybe it is because the names keep changing.

Anyway, the message from God that keeps coming to the surface with me is how much God loves us through all our faults and failures. Peter, David, Noah, well everyone has failed God at one time or the other, but still we are forgiven and found completely worthy to be used for and in His kingdom. The problem we face is in understanding and accepting that complete forgiveness. Sometimes I find myself asking for forgiveness for sins that I've already confessed and know He has forgiven. I also know it's perfectly human to do this as our minds are nothing like God's. Perhaps we will never understand all there is to understand, but does it really matter that we understand? No, I don't think so. Several times I've found things that maybe I might want to ask God about when I get to heaven. Now, more and more, I don't want to have answers to any of those rhetorical questions, I'd just like the opportunity to wash the feet of Jesus.

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Annette said...

I can't wait to see his eye's, feel his hair, touch his skin, and most of hear him say,"Welcome my child" o now that's a day of rejoicing!!!!!

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