Saturday, January 12, 2008

Learning to sing

I was truly exhausted when I returned from my adventure to the High. I'll have to tell you all about it another day. It was exciting and everything turned out without me being mugged or any awful thing happening to me. :)

As soon as I got home the girls came over to spend the night as become our custom on Friday nights. Since the trip took up so much time, I was glad to have quiet time driving home from the park and ride at the airport where I caught the Marta train. Carley Ann, Anna Claire and I had fun watching the Thumblina video I bought at Target Thursday and then we all went to sleep.

I never sleep quite well when they are in the bed with me. I catch myself waking up rearranging legs, arms and heads. LOL Still, I wouln't have it any other way. This morning was wild, and they didn't go home until around 1:30 this afternoon. I ate a quick lunch and then fell back in the bed and have been asleep all afternoon. No telling if I will sleep normal tonight or not, but I was sooooo tired from all the play.

Today I praise God for my grandchildren and for the opportunity to watch them grow. I hope this video puts a smile on your face like it did mine. You never know what children are going to do or say, but again, it's fun to watch them grow. I'll have to get Carley Ann to show you how southern ladies use a napkin to brush crumbs off their lips after eating. You will just fall over in laughter....I know. :) Enjoy.

Double click the video arrow.

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Nonnie said...

absolutely love it! with 4 grandchildren of my own, i know how these moments and memories made with them are priceless. and the whole sleeping thing......been there, done that! :)

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