Monday, January 28, 2008

Mustard Seed Hugs

But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Matthew 6:33
(Photo - Phyllis & friend, Sandra Babb)

Last night at church for a treat we were given a concert by the Weaver family. They have eight children, the first two being twin girls. They travel around the country singing and giving their testimonies as God leads. I can not imagine doing this as a woman and what sacrifice it takes to live in a travel trailer, home school your children, be a wife and mother and still praise God. :)

I think I get too comfortable with all my creature comforts. We talked yesterday in SS about Psalms 23 and how God provides everything we need. Beth brought up the fact that she remembers Ed Cliburn giving a sermon many years ago (at least 30) on what our needs and wants were. I forget what she said they were at that time, but what struck all of us is that many of the "wants" have moved over to the "needs" category, like transportation and telephones. Basic needs like food, water, shelter, and love were all listed. It was also interesting to me that "love" was on the basic list because I had not thought about that being an essential. I have read that newborns that are not touched and comforted don't thrive like those that are, so I suppose even in our beginnings we have to have love.

Today, is my office day when I pay all my bills and take care of business things. I am thankful that I have all the life essentials and more. I'm thankful for the love of Jesus Christ and those here on this earth that have love for one another in small and big ways. I'm thankful for my family and my friends who I can reach out and hug either in person by phone or just this computer. They are mustard seed hugs that can grow and grow.


Pass it on.


Nonnie said...

a thankful many blessings

have a wonderful day

Just Joni said...

I didn't get to start my day with you Phyllis, I had to hurry out the door a bit earlier than usual and I must say I missed pouring over your selected scripture, it's always so uplifting and it makes me grateful that your time zone is ahead of ours. I've been having problems with my blog, have you? Anyway, Hugs to you and hopefully tomorrow morning will be back to "normal".

Annette said...

somtime's I feel like your right here in the town I live in, you have no idea how much I love your blog's, sometime's I sit and read your older one's they always somehow touch me, I belive your angel in this world.

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