Sunday, January 6, 2008

The New Computer

Sometime in December I decided to break down and buy a new computer. I've been working from a little laptop ever since Brent and Terri moved back to their house. My laptop no longer allows me to upload photos since the slot I plug the camera photo reader into no longer works. What an experience the new computer has been. A couple of times I had everything working just fine. Then I decided to move the hard drive into its permanent location inside the computer cabinet. Since then I can't seem to plug everything in right, so I'm back without a means to upload new photos. Friday I tried to work with it a bit and just got frustrated and gave up, so I'm back to my faithful laptop just to read emails and journal. At least I can upload photos I have stored but I miss just uploading new photos instantly.

This plug struggle also reminds of the struggle we sometimes have in our spiritual lives. I struggled to get to church this morning. My knee ached and I was near giving in and crawling back in bed when some TV minister said something about Sunday being the day the Lord made for worship with others. He was right, everyday we worship God, but to come together with fellow believers plugs us in and keeps us plugged into areas we perhaps can't do alone. I got dressed in record speed and was only a little late for SS.

Today in church I sat beside a new couple to our church. Welch, I think they said their last name was. The service was so special as we observed the Lord's supper. I'm thankful for being plugged in today and for the joy of being with fellow believers.

Oh Holy God, I praise your name and lift my heart to you this afternoon in thanksgiving for your presence in my life and the life of others. I thank you for your word and for the inspiration we glean from our friends, family and our church leaders. I pray for the special activities that we will be having in our church to bring others to you and for the boldness to be able to share your word when each opportunity arises.

I pray for the comfort of Nancy and Doyle and for Marilyn as they go through the next few days of funeral services and gatherings. I pray for my friends that are carrying heavy burdens that they will find ways to receive your comfort, peace and wisdom to be able to carry on with all the things they have to do daily. I say a special prayer for Nora and Tommy. I pray that Nora will feel your presence with her and you will give her strength to continue to do what you would have her do.

In the name of your Son, Jesus Christ, our Savior I pray these things, Amen.

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