Thursday, January 3, 2008


I jumped from my bed this morning realizing that I hadn't left the water running to keep the pipes from freezing! I'm sure it would have been a sight to see me limprunning down the hall to get to the kitchen and see if I had any water at all to make my morning coffee, that is if anyone was here to see me. Fortunately for me, I had water. We don't have freezing weather much here in Georgia, but when we do, it's freezing. :)

After coffee I went back to the bedroom to make the bed and the basket on the dresser caught my eye. It's a catch-all basket. Being in an organizing ...throwing away mood. I took everything out and made separate stacks depending on what the individual contents were about. Smithsonian, Veranda, Southern Living, Oprah, Health, International Artist, journals, Charles Swindoll's book "Hope" and old lists found their way into individual stacks to be thrown away, stored or back into the basket as current reading or safekeeping. Organizing always makes me think of how much stuff I actually have and how much time I don't have to read everything I want to read. I tend to be a pack rat when it comes to things I think I might need, especially reference works. Funny thing is, when I get into a throwing away mood like I am now, I can throw away tons of stuff and I still have an overwhelming amount of throwing away to do. Sigh.

Organizing reminds me of going to my aunts house after she died and going through the things she saved. She didn't have a lot of expensive things but I marveled at the remnants of her life and the things she held precious stored away in her hope chest. I'm so thankful that I had this experience because now I always think about what I would leave behind should my life here on this earth be over before I had time to throw away, tidy up, or label things that I would want others to hold precious as I did.

Okay, I'll throw away all the Martha Stewart Magazines from years ago. Trying to sell them on ebay didn't work. After all, I'm not THAT organized and I probably never will need to know how to do the things she seems to accomplish.

I will hold precious, however, some of the things my aunt saved as precious. I'll label them and put them away until another rainy day when I can take them out and hold them just to feel her closeness.

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Just Joni said...

lol...I think we have alot in common Phyllis (except I'm not very artistic). I'm looking forward to the sharing of our "treasures" I'm wondering if we have any that might be the same...? Wouldn't that be funny!

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